Bringing art to unexpected places

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The Pitch

Do you remember when you believed in magic? The time when you could stumble into a secret garden, swearing you caught a glimpse of faeries… Or your first memories of fireworks igniting on New Years Eve.

As a child, you experienced them almost daily: when every journey out of your house had the opportunity to surprise with new experiences and sensations.

As time passes, those transcendental moments of discovery become fewer and fewer. Creating more of these instances is the base of our company: Pop Up! Scotland

We bring art to unexpected places, creating magic moments for everyone who pass by. We use pop up events to bridge the gap between the every day world and the world of fine art.

We organise arts exhibitions, workshops, and experiences–from a two hour crash course in playing the ukelele, to a surprise exhibition of high end glass sculpture at the botanic gardens, or a free film festival on the Royal Mile.

We are infinitely flexible and adaptable, as our location, selection of artists, and length of exhibition can change. We provide opportunities to artists working in all areas to expand their market by taking the work out of it’s traditional exhibition space and bringing it to the masses.

We educate the public about the arts and develop new customers and art lovers and provide opportunities to the public to get hands on with their creative sides. This provides artists with more sales, helps the traditional art exhibition spaces like galleries gain new clients, and educates and enriches those who participate in our programs.