• Social Enterprise Award Winners

    Social Enterprise Award Winners

    We are very proud and honoured to be selected as the winners of the Social Enterprise Award for the2014 Converge Challenge.

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    Join our mailing list

    Want to know more about our events? Why not join our mailing list. Trust us, our emails are infrequent but informative.

  • Great fun at Social in the Square!

    Great fun at Social in the Square!

    We got hands on all day with Social in the Square on Sept. 13 in St. Andrews Square. So many great things happening!

  • Closing Party - Here We Are At Home

    Closing Party - Here We Are At Home

    We had a fantastic Closing Party Thanks to Growler Beers UK, Ocean Terminal, and our amazing artists and team.

  • More Workshops

    More Workshops

    We are getting ready to launch more workshops, including an entire 8 week course after school for 8 - 11 year olds. Also, we will be running more weekend workshops for grown ups too.

Bringing art to unexpected places

Socialize much?

Who are these crazy folk and what exactly is popping up?

Well we’re a group of passionate creatives. There’s no doubt that pop up shops, restaurants, and anything else that can “pop up” are popping up. We’re not ones to shy away from a trend, but we’re also harnessing that and making it our own.

As of writing this, we’re brand new. In our infancy, we’re trying a lot of things out and embracing the flexibility we have by not being tied down in one location.

So where did this come from?
We firmly believe art is for everyone. Artists need more opportunities to get their work out, and not just in traditional spaces. Cultural poverty is also a major problem, and we want to reach out to groups that don’t have the opportunity to experience the arts, maybe that’s because of their location, age, race, or physical and mental limitations.

Our goal is to take art everywhere we can. We want to help artists show and sell their work. We also want more people to learn the joy of being creative and seeing the arts first hand.

Flying solo is no fun, and makes life more difficult, so we’re always looking to collaborate with artists, galleries, businesses, individuals, governments, local groups, and really anyone else who can’t resist a little magic and creativity. We believe increasing arts accessibility will only come from working together, not competing. Basically, we just spend our days being excited about the possibilities.